One More Night

I wish’d to smell your aroma for one last night

To be amidst in your limbs 

Tucked in tightly as if there were no way out

To be awakened by your touch 

Massaged by your beguiling hands 

To be freed by the melodies of our heartbeats 

I’d give up my spotlight to put out the fire 

To be in the mist of your rain

Captivated by the passion in your eyes 

To be elevated by your natural endowments 

Culminated by our union 

One more night 



A smile for breakfast 

I wake to a smile everyday thinking of you and the image of your smile fills my belly with joy. 

Please don’t let today’s challenges dim the beauty and blessings the daylight brings nor block the bright stars that shine at nightfall. 


Big Girl Problems

Boys don’t like big girls my father said with his South Georgia slang 

So I took on a new found self hate towards my body

Who cares about what boys think at nine anyway

Now full length mirrors are the death of me 

And, I can’t seem to get that thought out of my head

So, I starved myself over the summer before 9th grade

The boys didn’t come runnin’ 

Now, I’m a skinny big girl, confused, and self-conscious 

I hide my body under baggy clothes, but it’s the TLC group era so no one notices my inconsecurities 

The skinny girls told me I had it all wrong and the boys just wanna have fun

And they did but my self-hate towards my body grew 

I figured out a new plan

Weight Watchers that’s it!

No, Metabolife

Oh wait! No Carbs

P90X yeah that’s it

No, Sean T’s Insanity 

Beyoncé on that Master Cleanse

I can finally afford a Personal Trainer

Now, let’s try juicing 

30 years and 100 pounds later 

I am struggling to embrace all of me, but I have adopted a conscious practice of self-love 

I am a big girl with a big heart

Confident and courageous 

Beautiful and bold 

Intelligent and inspiring 

I can’t seem to forget that little piece of advice from my father 

So I publish these words in hopes to finally release my big girl problems 


One Love

What do you say to a woman
searching for that man she once shared an unbreakable bond
when that guy is no longer in reach
A distant reality
She weaves in and out of relationships
leaving her mark behind
but to no avail
those qualities he has are not found
Do you tell her to move on
to settle for second best
or hold the memories close
to her heart
for the day he returns


Reflexiones de paridise 

At dusk

On the pier

Legs swinging 

Eyes closed

Distant sounds of friends chatting and meeting neighboring swimmers 

A stranger proclaims the salt water heals all ailments 

Sounds of waves passing by lifts my spirits



Nearby sounds of children splashing 

And laughter 


Eyes open

Love birds holding hands 

Corals floating 

A man snorkeling 

Elderly climbing down the pier for healing waters 

Small waves gently rising to shore 

Common grounds for locals 

Paradise to foreigners 

Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea

Reflections of Mexico 


A Father’s Legacy

Today, I pray you hold tight to the good memories of your father. Memories that warm your heart and heal your soul.

All great men plant seeds into those who follow them. He waters the seeds through his words of wisdom over the years to ensure they are nurtured and grow.

He fathers more than his sons and his actions set the standard of living for his daughters.

As you blossom into men and women, I hope you are positively charge to carry on his legacy, his wisdom, and his love.


Restless Nights

What keeps me coming back…
Its that one ounce of hope for real love
The best sex cannot hold us together
What keeps me coming back…
Its the potential we have together which surpasses the ceilings we’ve placed on ourselves
Its the intimacy we share by swapping life stories of broken homes and broken hearts
Its the love we have for spiritual oneness
Its the thirst we have for creativity
Its the appreciation we have for music
Its the Tupac in us
Its the drive we have for entrepreneurship
Its the passion we share for youth
Its the desire to have someone “show up” for you
Its the laughter that comes from our whacky conversations
Its the moment we are tripping over things or lost for words
Its the pain of our past that seeks healing
Its the look in your eyes and the sparkle in mine
Its the shift in my heartbeat when you hold my hand
Therefore, when you drift… I fight to stay afloat so we don’t sink
Hoping you’ll lead us back ashore
Because the one ounce of hope for real love is enough to keep our spirits alive


Jukebox Love

You are the 808 in my beat
You are the harmony in my song
You are the freestyle in my 16 bars
You are the strings in my orchestra
You are the metaphor in my lyrics
You are the chords in my piano
You are the snare in my drum
You are music to my ears
You are hip hop to my soul
You are jazz to my heart
You are poetry to my mind
You are reggae to my rhythm
You are my music selection


A Manly Man

You stand still
Built solid as a rock
But from a broken foundation
Born with malformation
Mama’s miracle baby

You beat the odds
An inspiration to others
But carry the burdens of your family
Born with compassion
Sister’s only hero

You move mountains
With your two hands
But your heart is heavy
Born with love
A woman’s treasure

You plant seeds
Mentoring young men
But heart wrenching memories of your past are forsaken
Born with passion
Your Brother’s keeper


Beautiful Imperfections

others may see a beautiful black man with a perfect smile that lights a dim room
but your imperfections compliments my flaws
so I look deeper below the surface and see the beauty in the man and woman when they unite
become one
share laughs
enjoy music
hold each other in silence
when the man wraps the woman in security
and the woman backs the man in his dreams
when the kiss alone is enough to satisfy ones yearning for intimacy
and conversation fills the voids
when true admiration is not in the individual accomplishments
but somehow the world is a better place because the two of them represent the power of love


A story about a grand Mother

No matter whether she birth you naturally,
she was sent here to mother us all
She held her head high
Proud to just be…
You may have called her Mommy, God-Mother or Granny
She sure was grand you see
She wore those fancy hats, matching belts and shoes all so gracefully
I believe she knew her mission early on in life
She began to spread her wisdom and love
Leaving her legacy behind, four generations deep
She had a smile that lit a dim room
And, words that healed a broken spirit
She sure was grand you see
Mother kept her daughters in matching dresses,
lace socks and shiny shoes
And, her sons were sharp in those suits too
It was always a celebration of life
So, we shined like Grammy awards on display
Because mama was proud to just be…
She stood tall by daddy’s side
As a strong and beautiful wife
God blessed us all by giving the gift of motherhood to this grand Mother
He tattooed our hearts on her soul
She lived a grand life conquering every mountain with pride
Proud to just be…
Her spirit was full of joy
Making our Father proud
She sure was grand you see
A grand Mother to you and me


My Day is Coming

My day is coming
I hope I’m ready
My daydreams
paint an abstract picture
We’re not bound by rules
Some days we rise at sundown
Depending on what side of the equator we’ve made home
All my quirkiness is embraced
as we embark on our journeys
Sharing stories of history
And, personal experiences
Music fills the cracks
And, heals the wounds
Soul music
This day is so beautiful
It is coming soon
I hope I’m ready
I’m so numb
I can’t feel
But, my heart knows
my day is coming
I trust my heart
She knows best
So, I wait patiently
In no way desperate
Making no compromises
My visions are clear
I see love
My day is coming
I hope I’m ready